Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Employability: Personal Development Plan. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Students undertaking personal development plan are able to reflect on their personal expectations in life with the education they are undergoing that is essential in cultivating a strong academic concentration. The ability of the personal development plan to ensure that students are able to relate their personal goals with their education path is crucial in allowing students to appreciate their studies to become effective and efficient executors in future. Furthermore, personal development plan study helps students to be more independent, confident and effective self-directed student (Kumar, 2011). This is instrumental in enabling the students to be effective, confident and independent in their future career due to the strong foundation created by PDP. The success of students who undertake PDP at the higher education level in their future career path is higher compared to other students. In addition, development plan study enables students to comprehend the way they are learning and relate their study to a broader perspective (Kumar, 2011). This ensures that students are able to appreciate their learning that is essential in enabling a student to succeed in their academic path. The personal development plan also helps a student to discuss and recognize their weaknesses and strengths. Similarly, a student is able to express his personal objectives and assess growth towards the achievement of the goals. These aspects are crucial in enabling a student to focus on his academic and personal objectives while in school. Moreover, personal development plan study assists a student to recognize opportunities for personal and learning development beyond the curriculum coverage (Rose, 2008). A student is adequately prepared in exploring the external opportunities to enhance his life by undertaking a personal development plan course.