Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Economic Issues that Arise in the Decision to Get a Haircut. It needs to be at least 1250 words. According to Ballestero and Romero (72), decision making is both a formal and a non-formal activity, since everyone does it with or without their knowledge. However, people make decisions with the objective of accomplishing a particular goal in mind. In life, making decision is not a choice but an obligation. The goal of the process for businesses is enhancing efficiency in operations. Furthermore, the process aids in analyzing issues from a financial perspective. This is because decisions made by managers have financial implications on the position of a business in the corporate world. People consider several factors before coming up with decisions in all circumstances. In a business settings, managers consult widely prior to coming up with a decision on a particular issue. Consequently, the person making the decision analyzes the short-term consequences of the decision prior to choosing a particular alternative. It is important to generate alternatives to chose when planning to make decisions. In order for one to choose to get a haircut, he should consider the factors involved such as the opportunity cost, gains of the trade and elasticity of the demand. Additionally, the person has to decide the place from where to get his haircut. For instance, the person will consider price as a critical factor in making the decision on the issues.