Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses a person as the property. According to the research study today, slavery today is illegal and is abolished by many countries around the world as they consider the act barbaric and overtaken by time. The international laws and treaties including domestic laws in the individual countries consider the trade illegitimate and recognize it as abuse of human rights. Slave trade has done more harm than good ultimately, a part from denying people their rights as enshrined in the constitutions, and it has also deprived the society of able population culminating into loss of artisanship and abject poverty in the zones.This essay stresses that&nbsp.slavery started long time ago with several slave dealers scattered all over the world especially in Africa. The few rich dealers in slavery organized for the capturing of able-bodied people, which were then taken to the market for purchase by the merchants. Slaves were captured in a brutal exercise that left many people maimed and killed. The villages were deprived work force since there was extraction of those who could economically improve the status of the society. The slaves were then assembled in designated areas that were used as markets through which the prospective buyers met the sellers. After the purchase, slaves would be taken to diverse areas where demand was rife, for instance, others would be taken to US, Europe, Asia et cetera.&nbsp.The sultanate that was based in Zanzibar abetted the trade and these made most of the population from the region to be taken to the Middle East as slaves.