Compose a 4500 words assignment on advertising plan for a business. Needs to be plagiarism free! Vodafone&nbsp.provides all these options. Because of all these facilities, more customers are attracted to&nbsp.Vodafone. Their Broadband services are also used by most of the customers. Apart from the products and services they offer, they have started a Vodafone Group Foundation. The fund of this foundation is collected from the Vodafone Group annually. The Foundation has been started in more than 25 countries and they are involved in many community involvement and social activities.&nbsp.Vodafone was awarded the UK’s first mobile license in the year 1982. They started the first international mobile roaming service in the year 1991. In 2002 they started providing the facility to access the internet on mobile. Apart from all these, recently they started the Vodafone money transfer service through mobile. Through this, the customers can send and receive money through the safest and easiest way.Vodafone has around 45% stake on Verizon Wireless services. They acquired a company named Telsim from Turkey in the year 2006 with an investment of around 2.5 billion Euros. In 2007 they acquired a company Vodafone Essar and entered into the Indian Mobile Market with an investment of around 5 billion Euros. The Vodafone Group is listed in the Stock Exchanges of London and NASDAQ and the headquarters of Vodafone is in London.Vodafone is mainly based on the Middle East, Europe, Africa, the United States, and the Asia Pacific. They have expanded their network in other countries also. Partner Market Agreements were made between Vodafone and their partners. With their co-operation, they entered into the marketing of global products and services with different levels of the brand. By this strategy, Vodafone&nbsp.enters into different countries and expanded its network and made its partners and customers getting more values and services. Also for the Vodafone customers who are traveling to other countries, they no need to invest again in that country because of this facility and they can make use of their partner network.