Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Internet Effect on Social Relations and Sociality. However, internet communication has changed social relations and sociality between people.Initially, parents used to spend much of their time together with the children. As a result, they were able to observe the growth and development processes of their children. Therefore, in the case of an abnormal issue, they were able to take the necessary actions on time. However, with the entry of the internet in the market, parents prefer to use audio and video calls to communicate with their children. This is because time has become scarce as pressure from work is intensifying. However, children cannot be able to share their emotions and some of the personal issues that are affecting them (Castels 2004). As a result, they are ending up turning to their peers for help and guidance. In the end, they get misled by being driven into drugs, crime, or sexual activities. This is having a major impact on their growth and development.The internet has changed the culture of people across the world. Initially, people had distinct cultures that were dear to them. However, with the entry of the internet, people have used the online platform to share their cultural aspects. In addition, they have shared with their virtual friends on social media about social behaviors. Through critics by their friends, some people have abandoned their cultures and taken up the global culture (Coleman 2010). As a result, the world has become unified with the community having a sense of unity and coherence. Furthermore, the internet has brought cultural identities, representations, and imaginaries. These are mainly found among the young people in the Diaspora.The internet has changed the political interaction between people. Initially, leaders used to divide people in order to remain power. This is through giving contradicting information to different groups of people in order to create confusion.&nbsp.