2000 words, excluding abstract, bibliography and references (please note an abstract must be included with your essay – max 200 words) 1) Resource management and power Power is not simple, it is complex and messy. This has implications for how it can be challenged and reconfigured. Focusing on a case study of a resource sector, resource corporation, and/or resource project, discuss why a relational understanding of power is important for a clearer understanding of the role of power in resource management systems and how it may enable government, corporate and/or civil society groups to intervene in resource management systems more effectively. You must consider theories of power in this essay, for example drawing on Foucault’s theories of networked power would be useful. Please refer to attached file and ″Assignment 2: Research essay″ please select ″Resource management and power″ please understand that is it a research essay information is provided in attached document for the case study please choose the murray darling basin (water management) please use several academic books and/or journal articles. please use 3 describing resource management and power i have provided one and please use minimum 4 for describing the murray darling basin situation.