Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the destabilization of homosexuality and heterosexuality in film. It has the assertion that heterosexuality is the only sexual norm, and that marital and sexual relations only fit between people of opposite sexes. There are however critics who argue that heteronormative attitudes are stigmatizing, marginalizing and oppressive of deviant forms of gender and sexuality. These deviant forms of sexuality include bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender and intersex people. Heteronormative culture fosters a climate in which these deviant forms of sexuality are discriminated against in the workplace, marriage and even tax codes. There has been strong opposition to such discriminations and a lot of movements and advocacy outfits have been formed to ensure that people with such traits are treated with dignity in our societies.In the article introducing the new queer cinema, there were concerns about the rise in films that were themed on these deviant lifestyles (Gever, M. 2010). There were serious concerns that the reason such movies were trending in the 1980s was to bring out such deviant lifestyles as things that people needed to treat with contempt. The manner in which they were portrayed in certain movies was to ensure that people looked at the deviants as people who weren’t supposed to live in their midst. Such movies were seen to be radical in form, and aggressive in the manner that they presented sexual identities the conservative perception of heterosexuality.Such movies resisted the promotion of gays and lesbians positively. This was in spite of the fact that there had been liberation movements and advocacies that had given a little space for those who had such deviant sexual orientations. These movies instead presented the gay, lesbian, intersex, bisexual and transgender forms as outsiders and renegades from the rules that prescribed what a conventional society was.