Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on myth about demeter and her daughter persephone. These mysteries stemmed from a myth as recounted in one of the Homeric Hymns where Demeter’s daughter gets kidnapped and Demeter struggles on getting her backward). Persephone was thought to be gathering flowers with friends when her uncle Hades who was the god of death and the underworld kidnapped her. Her father Zeus knew all about it. Persephone was taken by Hades to his underworld kingdom. Demeter then strives to get back her daughter. She then searches for Persephone everywhere and when she eventually finds out that Zeus has control of her daughter, she causes a terrible drought in the area. This was meant to be a means for forcing Zeus to give back her daughter. This drought was so severe that people began to starve badly. The intent of this was to take away the gods of sacrifice and worship. Afraid of the consequences, Zeus gives in to Demeter and decides to let free her daughter. The myth explains how Demeter traveled long distances searching for Persephone. she also had a number of adventures throughout her way. Demeter was the one who, on her journey seeking for her daughter, met Triptolemus, and she taught him the secrets of agriculture. Finally, when Zeus gives Demeter her daughter back, she brought the earth back to its former prosperity and abundance of food and crops. Since it was Zeus’s rule that whoever ate in the Underworld once, he would be doomed till eternity there, therefore Persephone couldn’t be rescued that easily. Hades then forced Persephone to have pomegranate seeds therein Underworld which forced her to return there for a season each year. Thus Persephone could stay with Demeter for only six months in a year and in the remaining months, she had to turn back to Hades. This irked Demeter since she could not see her daughter for half the year every year so she decided not to cultivate the earth during that part of the year and let it wither with time.