Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on marketing myopia of htc phones. With the increasing levels of globalization resulting from the liberalization of markets, efficient flow of information, and integration of economies, the level of competition has increased tremendously over the years. The situation has been aggravated by the entry of multinational companies in the market. These are firms that have a huge financial base to segment the market, position their products strategically in the market, and attract the loyalty of the clients towards their products (Moore & Pareek 2006). The mobile market has been the most affected with many businesses expanding to different markets in order to reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with concentrating on a single market. Companies such as Samsung, Sony, Apple Inc, and Huawei have intensified their promotion activities in order to retain their competitive advantage in the market. However, HTC is yet to penetrate the global market and segment the market. This is threatening the existence of the company in the market.&nbsp. In addition, the paper will give several recommendations that can be used by the top-level managers in order to guard the organization and the subordinates against myopia.HTC is a Taiwan based company that was once known for its innovativeness and prowess. Many forecasted that the firm will dominate the global market in the next few decades. However, the company is yet to make remarkable progress in relation to growth and development. This is despite the organization releasing various products which many analysts state that they can match that of Apple Inc. For instance, HTC one is stated to have modern features that when marketed effectively can take the market by storm. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, even after the launch of the new phone, the product is yet to penetrate the market. Many of the potential customers are not even aware of the existence of the product in the market. This is an indication of how the marketing sector in HTC remains myopic despite the new advertising opportunities available in the market.HTC has also been active in developing various applications, software, and hardware. The latest application by the company is BlinkFeed. This is an application that aimed at satisfying the interests of the young generation. However, the majority of the customers who fall under this segment do not even know of its existence. The major market by the company composes of young people. These are people with a disposable income which they are willing to spend on high-quality services. However, this market segment is prone to changes (McCole 2004). As a result, the marketing department should ensure that it conducts intensive market research in order to identify any changes in their tastes and preferences. However, this sector is keen on advising the company to produce innovative products but does very little to push these products into the global market (Schmidt 1995).