Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on business system analysis. The system will produce quick reports which will be up to date. The system reduces the time the human resource department takes to do an appraisal.The appraisal system owned by the Human resource department of Buckie cooperative society is to monitor our working progress. Different workers will be required to feed their personal data into the system. The system will transform the data and give a final report on the production of workers. The system will make the working environment to be unfriendly due to the monitoring process. The human resource department will use the system to retain or fire employees according to the monitoring report.The staff appraisal system as owned by the Buckie cooperative society. The human resource department is to collect data on workers from different departments and feed into the system. The system will analyze the data and give data on the best performing department. The system will ensure good performance in the different departments of the company. The world view is that the system will improve the decision making of managers.The appraisal system as owned by Buckie cooperative society. The line managers will be necessitated to provide data on the working progress of their employees. The system will analyze the data and give a report on the production line and the unproductive line. The system will be used to identify the line of productions that will be shut and which to be maintained by senior managers. The world view of the system is that it will ensure the profitability of the company by eliminating unproductive lines.The company employees will see this system as a way to curtail their freedom. This will make them resist the adoption of the system by either refusing to use it. These employee’s refusal to use the system will make it useless to the society.This problem will be addressed by educating the staff on the need for this system.