You will prepare and submit a term paper on Reaction to movies: Amistad, Blue is the warmest color, The Lunchbox. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. The cast is well organized. I must say, ranging from the president Adams to the freedom seekers. The movie is rather odd in how many speeches are used instead of the real action of the wording. At the courtroom before the passing of the sentence on the freedom seekers headed by Cinque, as an example, the president gives an eleven minutes long speech about the need for freedom. On the contrary, the actions by the defense lawyer for the Cinque case, is a show of heroism and statesmanship as he comes to his sense and realizes that African and slaves are human beings and deserve better than justice. freedom.The film feature movie veterans like Morgan freeman yet the exposure they get on the episode is so slim almost begetting why they featured in the movie. The core message being addressed by the director of the movie comes out more clearly, when they reason out in a court of Law. Cinque in a statement at the court announces that it would not serve the Africans right to receive justice alone. The artistic inclusion of the torture moments slave go through and how the trade proceeds without government notice or human sympathy was captured and brings out the true picture of the ancient slavery.