Write a 6 pages paper on understanding the causes behind increasing violence in our culture. Today, violence has become a part of everyday life, and people have started to recognize it as an indispensable part of any society’s cultural norms and activities. The reasons, causes, and sources are countless that are spreading and nurturing violence in different forms. This paper analyzes the most significant causes of violent behaviors and the way it has affected society. Violence basically occurs when resources are not sufficient, or people are dissatisfied with their lives. The growing violence in our culture is a critical issue now, and the causes can be attributed to personal, individual, psychological, social, and communal aspects of a person’s life. According to H. P Brown, “Violence in our culture is fed by multiple forces – the disintegration of family life, media influences, growing substance abuse, the availability of so many weapons, and the rise of gangs and increasing youth violence” (Kawilarang 471). This means that various factors are playing a noticeable part in spreading violence, and people are getting immune to its presence and dominance. In an article by Kerby Anderson, it was evaluated that “violent crime has increased by more than 560 percent since 1960 in America, and a 1994 poll found more than half the children questioned said they were afraid of violent crime against them or a family member“(Anderson). Jacques Coubard reported that at present the crime rates in America are escalating at a rate of “2.5 to 2.7 percent” every year (Coubard). Youth is also heavily attracted towards violence, and statistics reveal that in America about 28% adolescent boys carry a weapon at school, 27% teenagers want to own a gun, and 15% of high school students seriously considered about attempting suicide (Borba). This shows that social values are not being observed anymore, and peace is at risk in today’s cultural ethics irrespective of age or gender.