Write a 4 pages paper on human relations school of thought compared to a taylorist fordist perspective. The human relations school of thought is to a great extent superior to Taylorism given the value it attaches to people and the role of the motivated employee in the workplace. The approach changed Taylor’s view of the workers as machines and instead shifted the attention from the task to the worker. It is in the human relations approach to management that for the worker was viewed as being an important component of the organization. The manager’s perception of the workers in the human relations school was holistic as opposed to Taylor’s focus on the bundle of aptitudes. The human relations approach was aimed at changing the attitudes of the managers towards their subordinates. Managers embrace such propositions today and are significantly concerned with how they relate to their workers. The human relations school of thought proposed the need for managers to create a sense of satisfaction and belonging for their workers by demonstrating an interest in the welfare and personal success. Taylor’s misleading assumption that people could only be motivated by financial incentives and the individualistic approach he gave to work performance make the scientific management approach a lesser evolved management approach compared to the human relations approach. The importance of a two-way communication approach between the manager and the subordinates is emphasised in the human relations school of thought. The human relations school of thought views the productivity of the employees as being dependent on the satisfaction of the employee.