Write 6 pages with APA style on Weight Bias and Discrimination Through Movies. This paper seeks to show that despite the good intentions behind the making of films about overweight individuals, these films have ended up having the opposite effect and this has been to the detriment of fat individuals.Most films that are made about weight gain are not made with the intention of bringing about fat bias, but in most cases, this is what they end up doing. This is especially the case with the documentary Super Size Me, whose original attempt was to show the harmful nature of McDonald’s entire menu (Laurance). While this may have been the intention, the physical and mental stress that the author of the documentary underwent can be considered to be a source of fat bias because it ensured that the image of fat people within the society was completely distorted. This is especially the case in situations where the depression that he developed was blamed on his weight gain and this might be considered to be stigmatic towards fat people. It is essential to note that for the most part, fat people tend to be extremely conscious of their image and in a film such as Super Size Me, the author ends up implying that it is wrong to be fat. The result of such implication is that it makes it difficult for fat people to have the necessary self-esteem which will provide them with the confidence to live their lives normally and to be accepted by their societies. When such films as Super Sized Me are shown, they end up influencing their audiences and this creates a situation where these individuals come to unconsciously discriminate against fat people. This is especially the case where instead of treating fat people normally, individuals come to avoid them or look at them with pity (Wigton and McGaghie 262). Such pity and being treated as outsiders is detrimental to the mental health of fat people because they end up feeling out of place and not as a part of society.