Write 6 pages thesis on the topic stunning worlds fair expo 2015. In addition, Milan’s success in EXPO 2015 is possible through the cooperation of stakeholders who participate and intervene in promoting it. When visitors arrive, Milan’s management should be in a position to bring the brand to life. Changes in partnerships and relationships among other management positions will be handy in the branding process. Lastly, Milan needs to promote, manage, and create a revitalized brand. The name will help in concentrating sales efforts in Milan and coordinating the work of operators who work alone around a common idea.Cities have a hard task in creating a positive image due to high competition in tourism. a substantial gap exists significant due to the lack of case studies and little consensus concerning the nature of city branding. The paper addresses the stated problem by considering the personality of Milan: Italian city. Milan’s image is powerful due to designer lifestyles, shopping, design, and fashion. Nevertheless, marketing activities and strategies are the core activities in Milan. The broad cultural heritage in Milan is. The seasonal pattern of tourism is in the city leading to narrow perceptions by the potential tourists. This paper analyses and reports on the assurance of reliability and validity of research used. Ethical issues related to the data solutions and collections, top five Italian venues, and a panel of foreigners who represent the active EXPO 2015 countries. Also, Milan’s brand fingerprint, recent brand personality, competitor set, heritage product, and tourists’ perception of the city are analyzed. The paper ends by recommending Milan to build on its cultural, artistic, and architectural heritage.The paper utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The questionnaires, web survey, focus group research and desk research will help in analysis.&nbsp.Milan’s prosperity is evident due to tourist perceptions. Also, the cultural attractions in Milan make it the best in tourism offer. Milan encounters the best activity on seasonal tourists.Expo Milano 2015 refers to a global cultural and educational, scientific profile. It is unique and of high importance. It centers on sustainable resources, nutrition, a sufficient and safe diet. Its aim is to save energy and feed the planet. It is concerned with the sharing of consumption and production models. 20 million visitors and more than 140 countries will participate. The core objective of the Milan Universal Exposition is to unite citizens, civil society, institutions, and governments in a debate. The aim of the debate is to generate sustainable development and improving nutrition.