Write 6 pages thesis on the topic dallas homelessness. It is clear from the discussion that the essay is engaging in its entirety because the issue or the topic that was discussed was relevant to the current times. We are in the midst of an economic recession that is why an essay about an increasing number of people without homes is most interesting for people because it is easy to identify. It engages interest because: 1) it presents a real case that can be attributed to the economic downturn. 2) The topic touches a sensitive spot as everyone must be feeling the economic crunch and, 3) it plays on the readers’ fear. The essay presented several cases, figures and examples to illustrate the state of homelessness in Dallas and this is a good thing. Instead of writing in general terms most of the time and as a consequence the arguments appear vague and ambiguous, the essay went on citing specifics, which strengthened the main ideas that the author wanted to convey. In regard to the references or the use of sources and how they were treated in terms of borrowing ideas, quoting and paraphrasing, among others, the capability shown was positively moderate. The in-text citations were sufficient in format and usage, except during times when the author fail to reference some information that is lifted from other sources. There should be some consistency in regard to format. For example, the first instance of citation should include author, year and page number (for books). The paper needs to be reviewed in this regard. In addition, the source of important figures such as the population of the homeless in Dallas was not referenced. Statistics and those with specific data and figures must always be attributed to the source. So far, the sources identified in the essay were all used appropriately.