Write 16 pages with APA style on Dark Tourism in Prague. This research considered are the age group of the visitors and the volume of visits by the visitors and the length of their stay, depending on the variables that are showing the attraction of Prague that brings the visitors to Prague and strengthens their length of stay. More objectives are to find out the most attractive places in the eye of visitors and their emotional manifestation while visiting Prague. To conduct this research on knowing the amount of awareness of dark tourism in Prague among which age group people, and to achieve the aims and objectives, a quantitative survey will be held on the streets by filling questionnaires on the popular attractions of Prague from the tourists around. The data will be gathered and analyzed after entering into SPSSS.Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has been chosen for the research as it is prominent for its cultural and historical significance. The largest city in the whole of Central Europe also represents the historical capital of Bohemia. Prague is a cultural center of the Czech Republic and has many historical places. cultural heritage has an additional attribute of dark tourism (Hannam & Knox, 2010). Dark tourism of Prague includes dark-themed museums and dark communism or torture museums. Prague dark tourism also includes tours like ghost tours and communism tours. Talking more about Prague, It has various attractions especially Prague Castle which is the largest castle in the world. Prague has a vast history of more than a thousand years. its construction started in the 9th century. The city thrived in the 14th century in the dynasty of Charles IV. The city was also occupied by the Jewish community in the years of the 17th century, that era is also called as a Golden Age of Jewish Prague (Burton & Burton, 2003). The city was also under the influence of Roman Emperors and the look of the city is influenced by the baroque period and its monuments that are now kept as a rich cultural heritage including Romanesque rotundas.