Write 14 pages thesis on the topic the development of the website. It does this by giving detailed information on the preparation, development, evaluation, challenges faced during the entire project of developing the website.Actually, overreliance on offline business alone can not help a company in the level of Kowiti Electronics Solutions to achieve much. The lucrative nature of the electronic business has made it to attract a lot of investors. Hence, there has been a mushrooming of electronic solution companies. After all, the market is open for free entrance by anyone who is interested in venturing into this line of business. To help in increasing its chances of enjoying a significant or larger share of the market, the company needs to make well-informed strategic plans. Rather than improving the quality of its products, the company should consider venturing into the online platform.The development of www.kowitiventures.com as the company’s sole website will definitely grant is an opportunity to take part in eCommerce. If properly designed, developed and maintained, the website will play a very important role in the life of the company. First, it will help it to create awareness on the existence, types, values and benefits of its commodities. Besides, it will enable the company to display its ‘catchy’ brands of products that appeal most to its target clients. These will be marketing strategies that will allow the company to reach its potential and existing clients with the aim of enjoying a competitive advantage and increasing the volume of its stock turn over and profitability. This demonstrates the development of the website is an objective project that if properly executed as planned, will definitely positively impact the prosperity of the company.However, to develop a good website for the company, a lot of measures need to be taken.