This assignment will consist of 2000 – 3000 word paper double spaced and in accordance with APA writing standards.The paper should also have a cover sheet and reference section and is not counted toward the 2000- 3000 words. A minimum of 5 sources are to be used. The sources that you use in this paper are to be authoritative – preferably peer reviewed literature. Web sites may be used moderately but must be reputable and authoritative.Although you may take the liberty of covering more topics the paper should at a minimum cover the following:What is a Project?What is Project Management?Why do organizations need to useProject Management?What are Project Teams?What are the differences between aProject Leader and a Project Manager?What are the major determinants ofProject success?How does the Project Management concepts learned in the course thus far apply to your own professional career? (**This section of the paper should be critically reflective)