Need help with my writing homework on Critical Analysis of Its Worse than It Looks by Mann and Ornstein. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Their previous works have established the duo as being comparatively unbiased in their writings, unlike a lot of opinion-mongers that we find today. Their work has been largely described as scholarly and neutral, with balanced reflections from the author’s who personally identify as liberal. “It is worse than it looks” is controversial not just for its content but also the unexpected change in the authors’ writing style. This book is very clearly favoring one side of the debate without the usual balance that long-term reader’s had come to associate with their work. The book discusses the challenges and problems facing the American government and the political system overall in the context of the recent economic, financial and politic events that have made headlines. Mann&nbsp.and&nbsp.Ornstein provide two distinct premises for the dysfunction of the current US government, the first one is the idea that the two main political parties of the country are no longer willing to work together in the cooperative manner that the constitution calls for. Instead, their attitude has become adversarial enough that the meetings and negotiations now better resemble the parliamentary party system. The second and the much more interesting premise is the role, or rather the fault of the Republican party in creating this sense of hostility. The authors claim that the Republican party has become so extremist in their ideologies and policies that they are no longer thinking about the betterment of the whole country, rather they are only becoming concerned with upholding and protecting their own ideas. The book starts off with the introduction of the idea with a description of the ‘Federal Debt Crisis’ of 2011 and the reactions of the people in power.