Need an research paper on what is the biggest benefit that cultural diversity brings to an organization. Needs to be 15 pages. Please no plagiarism. This is because the organizations focus on employees’ performances and skills instead of their backgrounds. Diversity increases organizations’ productivity because it promotes creativity at the workplace. Creativity is vital in the modern world because it helps in increasing organizations’ competitiveness and outputs. Diversified organizations get more sales because they attract a significant proportion of consumers. This is because many consumers prefer being served by people from the same backgrounds since they believe that such workers understand their needs. Additionally, diversified organizations attract more people because diversifying workforces creates a reputable firm. What is the biggest benefit that cultural diversity brings to an organization? Diversity entails valuing people from different cultural backgrounds. It involves inclusion of individuals from minority groups regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Workforces consist of individuals from different cultures within several workplace settings because of the higher rate of global migration recently. It is important to know the effects of diversity on various aspects of the business.Managers find it difficult to manage employees from different cultural backgrounds based on the varied challenges. Many businesses are operating on global level in the current market world.