(My real world political issue is about Pandemic, the concept is possibly the intensity of pandemic)Concept: Identify a concept specific to your real-world political issue. To make this part of the assignment easier, be sure to identify a concept that is continuous and has a direction (i.e., there can be more or less of it). (3 points)Hint: For example, instead of using “civil war” as a concept, use “the intensity of civil war.” Or instead of using “democracy” as a concept, use “the degree of democracy.”Hint: Remember that concepts are abstractions.2. Concept definition: Provide a clear definition of your concept. What does the concept mean or refer to? (3 points)3. Think of a procedure for measuring this concept that would likely generate measurement bias. To be clear, yes, I want you to identify a measure that would be prone to bias.Description: Describe this measurement procedure. (3 points) Hint: Remember that measures are procedures. For this part you need to clearly specify the procedure you would use to collect data.Direction: In what direction would this measurement procedure be likely to bias your data? (3 points)Explanation: Explain why the measurement procedure would produce the kind of bias you describe in question 3b. (3 points)