I will pay for the following article Key Aspects of Knowledge Management of Ximmoz Corp. The work is to be 14 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Managers of the divisions are directly involved with the day to day activities of the team members. At XimmozCorpemployees have a high level of autonomy. The organization encourages its developers to pursue innovation by giving the freedom of being experimental. The inputs that are given to the organization guide their promotion and software development practices. Any suggestion given by their customers on the possible improvement of products is usually taken with absolute seriousness. Employees are encouraged to involve themselves in voluntary activities, with the company always giving support in the manner they can.The company has a total of 47 employees. The company has four main departments, including public relations/marketing, human resource, software design, and software development. Every department is headed by a manager who reports to the CEO. The board of directors consists of the four managers and the CEO.The goal of the company is being able to provide the best possible software product in the market. The company spends the majority of its revenue on research and development. They strategize at being able to offer the best services by making sure that they employ the best employees available in the market. In order to keep their best employees, they make sure that employee satisfaction is high through proper compensation, benefits, and developing a conducive working environment. As a result, the company has been able to produce highly rated software products, thus giving them the freedom for charging high for their products. Most of their customers prefer them over their competitors because they have the assurance of professionalism and quality.Knowledge management is of high essence in software development because it enables knowledge sharing among staff members in a software development company.&nbsp.