I will pay for the following article Global Health Policy. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Global nature: In 1997, the World Health Organization called for an international panel of experts and epidemiologists from forty countries worldwide to address the issue of the global threat of tuberculosis in 212 countries (Dye, Scheele, Dolin, Pathania, &amp. Raviglione, 1999). It was calculated that the existing cases of tuberculosis worldwide were around sixteen million (Dye et al., 1999), with about eight million new cases that year (Dye et al., 1999). This meant that the disease was prevalent in thirty two percent of the global population (Dye et al., 1999), effecting 1.86 billion people across the globe (Dye et al., 1999). To this end, the global fatality rate of TB was estimated at twenty three percent (Dye et al., 1999), although on a country to country basis, it different greatly, with some African countries experiencing a fifty percent death rate due to the disease (Dye et al., 1999). Moreover, the highest incidence rate per capita of the disease was also in the African countries (Dye et al., 1999), reaching a ratio of nine out of ten (Dye et al., 1999).