I will pay for the following article Citizen Kane: Is It Still Significant. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Playing on the human emotions of pity and fear or by delicately presenting the essential human feelings like love and hatred, courage and cowardice, loyalty, and falsity in a manner that happen to be thought-provoking and moving. Yet, the ultimate litmus test for any movie that accrues to itself the prerogative of being the best is its eventual capacity to grab the essential human interest and attention. In that sense, many critics do consider Citizen Kane to be the best movie ever made owing to a range of significant reasons. In a factual context, Citizen Kane is indeed the best movie made ever owing to the superiority of its story and script, its cinematography that indeed transcended the kinematic constraints of its time and its gripping and engrossing narrative technique.Though the very first frame in the movie tends to facilitate an intimate view of Kane, extending a vivid close up of his struggling and quivering lips as he utters his enigmatic last words “Rosebud”, yet they do succeed in leavening the audience interest regarding this impressive character, by straightaway presenting it as somebody, whose travails and life story do deserve attention. The amazing thing is that the movie shows Kane in the first person at the beginning only and the audience watches Kane in the rest of the movie through the eyes of other people associated with Kane, thereby attributing to the movie a collage-like appeal that indeed mages to keep the audience riveted to the storyline till the very end. Once the audiences are made to share an innate intimacy with the character of Kane in the very first scene that he is abruptly made to vanish, thereby managing to attribute to the audiences a reporter like attention, who keep on looking for Kane through the shadows, trying to make a viable sense and meaning out of Kane’s life, by struggling to align the fragments rendered by other characters in a gripping yearning to put together the emotive jigsaw puzzle.