I need some assistance with these assignment. anthropological analysis of obamas speech on syria Thank you in advance for the help! Speech, in essence, is the main distinguishing element between man and other beings and, although it is possible for animals to utilize signs and sounds in conveying information, the only man has the ability to combine different coded messages (Shafie 48). This is dependent on their knowledge of these codes or languages and how to use them convincingly to convey information.Therefore, in order to comprehend the real meaning of human speech, it is important to decode the main aim of the speech by understanding its different use of language (Shafie 51). This is especially essential in analyzing and understanding political speeches since the exact choice of expressions and words is meant to influence the political audience. In a battle for opinion over policy, it is possible for a politician to use the correct choice of expressions and words to influence the opinion of his audience (Shafie 51) and, in effect, win the political fight. This case study will explore the manner in which political speeches attempt to influence and persuade audiences, making them consider the politician’s speech as the correct position. The work will trace phrases, words, and expressions used by US President Barrack Obama to convince his audience during his national address about the course of action adopted by the US in the Syrian chemical weapons attack crisis.On the eve of the September 11th anniversary in 2013, US President Barrack Obama addressed the American people in a 15-minute speech, in which he sought to persuade his audience, including the American people and their representatives that the US needed to launch a strike against Syria. The President delivered the national address at the White House in the East Room at 9 PM ET in relation to the Syrian chemical weapons attack Crisis. The address was meant to explain his executive decision that, in response to President Bashar Al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons.