I need some assistance with these assignment. a model of learning styles Thank you in advance for the help! MacKeracher (2004. 71) defines learning style as ‘the characteristic cognitive, affective, social, and psychological behaviors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with, and respond to the learning environment.’ Understanding learning styles from the model of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences that views learning to include a unique blend of intelligences, resulting from one’s distinctive abilities, challenges, experiences, and training (Carter, Bishop & Kravits, 2007. 39) can provide substantial help in analyzing one’s learning style and making improvements to enhance the learning. In this regard, Honigsfeld and Dunn (2006), as cited by Seckel (n.d. 1), explain that learning style will differ among learners based on how they concentrate on, process, internalize, and recall content. The most fundamental factor governing the effectiveness of learning is the mode of communication that has a reason and revolves around what, why, when, who, where, and how. and, this can happen through words, pictures, thoughts, feelings (verbal, visual, nonverbal, kinesthetic), sounds, numbers etc (Ryan & Cooper. 72). The learning process is very comprehensive and depends upon the characteristics of the learner, secondly on teaching, and characteristics of those who help the learner to learn.Thus, a thorough analysis and understanding of multiple intelligences and qualities possessed will help in formulating strategies that will help in better learning, memory, and more active usage of knowledge in any academic or workplace situation. Knowing how to learn will also help in setting goals for positive change in areas that may be difficult and using strategies in a manner that will be most effective achieving the goals (Carter, Bishop & Kravits 2007. 49).