I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Organization Behavior Case. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is very important to keep the people working in your organization motivated and satisfied all the time. Having good relation with your labor is one very important thing if you want your business to enjoy a good financial situation. In this case the Southwest Airlines had to face a lot of problems and crisis as a result of its CEO being ignorant to developing good relations with the labor. The company was in big crisis and had lost its strong financial position. Moreover under the leadership of Kelleher the company gained back its financial success as the main focus of this CEO was to address the issues related to labor as early as possible and he knew the importance of these relations. Introduction to the issue The main issue with the Southwest Airlines was that it lacked an appropriate leadership style that would best fit the company. In the decade when the company was facing problems and crisis the main problem was that it lost a good relationship and a factor of trust between the employees, labor and the top management. A leader in true sense is someone who leads his followers along the way or path towards their goals and objectives (Blanchard &amp. Hersey, 2008). Leadership is the characteristic that will enable a person to inspire group of people to realize common interest or goal (Judge and Robbins, 2010). The base of any organization rests on the philosophy, vision, goals and values of the management. As a result this drives the culture of the organization that is made up of the formal, informal and social environment of the organization.