Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Artwork of Gateway. Within the Asian cultural worldview, these four animals have various positive symbolic meanings that connect with fortune, success, and good luck.In multiple respects, the uniqueness of this artwork is meant to portray the distinct positive values and the element of hospitality as understood and represented within the Asian mindset. The aggregate meaning of the artwork is understood within the imagination of Asians represented particularly as manifested within the Chinese realm of creativity. The Chinese have a strong culture that connects the material aspects with aspects of their cultural myths in order to enrich their world with the totality of their shared experienced, values, and general lifestyle4. Accordingly, the “Gateway” is a remarkable attempt to bring together these aspects of culture by merging the various material aspects of art into one singular artistic experience.The two works of art are supported on two 20 inch posts of nearly the same colour, which enhances their visibility for viewers and increases their aesthetic appeal5. There is a determined effort to increase the general attractiveness of the works of art in line with the uniqueness of Chinese aesthetics. The unmistaken Asiatic decorations on the dragons and the unicorn are some of the key features that improve the authentic appeal of the “Gateway.” The conspicuous decorations also play a very specific purpose of reinforcing the physical attractiveness and appeal of the works of art against the background of western cultural influences6. In this regard, there is a course to believe that the emphasis on the cultural nuances in the decorations is meant to highlight some kind of reclamation of Asian culture within the dominant western culture.The visual prominence of the artwork is effectively highlighted by the element of balance and symmetry. The representation of the mythical creatures achieves a form of balance that comes out naturally in the sizes and shapes of the creatures.