Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the impact of music business successfully weathering the digital storm Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! With the rapid and continuous technological invention, several business industries have been developing quickly. Along with the technological development, business industries operating in the globalized era are inclining towards adopting the digitalization of their operations. The adoption of digitalization can be regarded as one of the most innovative and useful approaches. It is more visible that after the rise of the application of technology in business, the industries are becoming more able to integrate huge amounts of profits through effective maintenance of the business. It has been observed that with the technological implication in the business process, numerous industries are earning more revenues. The concept of digitalization in the music industry will ensure thorough growth as per the economic perspective (Richard, 2000).The study is indented to describe the technological invention in the music industry. Apart from this, the study will explain the different technology development incorporated within the music industry. In this regards the study will evaluate how the music industry has been benefited from the implementation of digitalization. However, the study will also describe how technological implications can affect the authenticity of the music industry. Furthermore, the paper would provide an in-depth understanding of the different concepts that are integrated into the music industry to manage the diversified needs of technology.Music is recognized as the sole factor that has the ability to connect people with other social factors. It can be stated that music has a deep connection with social identities, which are further intensified with globalization. It has been stated that technological innovation within the music industry has developed the quality of music. People belonging to the music industry are benefited from the implementation of technological devices.