Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses mobile application design and development. Features that make mobile applications unique. they are personal mass media, they are connected to a network, they are portable (mobile devices), and mobile applications can create and distribute content (camera). Mobile phone features that require text editing would present a great barrier to use. These features include. contact management and asynchronous communication. Contact management involves creating and maintaining contacts, while asynchronous communication is the exchange of messages.Mobile web applications possess the following pros: they are easy to create (using JavaScript knowledge), simple to deploy across multiple handsets, they offer a better user experience, and a rich design, and content is open to any mobile web browser.Native applications boast of the following qualities. a user can charge for applications, they are relatively simple to develop for a single platform, and they offer a rich design in addition to best-in-class user experience. Web applications have some cons which are. the optimal experience of using web applications might not be available on all handsets, their support across multiple devices can be challenging, and they fail to support native application features.Native applications have the following disadvantages. they require the user to share revenue with at least one-third party, it is relatively expensive to develop and test multiple device platforms, it is difficult to port them to other mobile platforms, and they require certification and distribution from a third party.Android intent is a mechanism used to pass messages that enable a user to declare his/her intention to complete an action. A fundamental Android design principle is, using intents to propagate actions. Intents are used to.