Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses parenting across the autism spectrum. Their book, Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum: Unexpected Lessons We Have Learned, presents the accounts of the two authors in taking care of and providing for their autistic sons. Moreover, the book integrates parent advocacy for autistic children as a strategy parents could use to counter the day to day challenges in raising autistic children.Morrell and Ann’s book is rich in parenting information. This aspect informed the choice behind the book. Most importantly, its well-structured topics that are divided into specific areas of parenthood drew more interest. Sets of parenting skills run throughout the book, thus making it informative to both parents and professionals in the field of autism. The progressive advice throughout the book is based on the authors’ personal experience. This not only makes the book interesting and relevant for parenting but also allows the reader to associate with a real-world disability scenario.The book’s insightful coverage on autism spectrum, parenting, and the underlying lessons encompasses rebuilding life after autism, balancing family life, advocating for children, taking care of children and parents, finding the way, dealing with the public, accepting autistic children and their parents, and living the experience (Morrell and Ann 15-195). These key ideas are presented in relation to the authors’ personal experiences. For this reason, mothers and fathers out there can identify with the information conveyed through the outlined key ideas.The coverage of autistic parenting, with regard to the underlying set of parenting skills, is intensive and extensive.&nbsp.