Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses background and definition of genre simulation. A good example of the simulated game is the action or combat games. These kinds of games have been developed entirely using the elements of the real-life situation and the states of affair, they are far much from being real but simply imitates the states of affair. Simulation genre is therefore created with the sole objective to put the game players in control of a certain state of an affair or any other activity while making it as realistic as possible. The most important thing to note is that the simulation genre only includes games that mainly focus on imitating the real-life situation or activities.The most outstanding games creator known as Will Wright acknowledges the influence of social media like films, movies, and a little computer tricks into his games creation .he released several games including animal crossing, Commodore, and many other hot games. His success into the world of simulation game genre became into light in the early 2000s. Game genre can be broadly classified into several categories which include. managerial simulation, that puts the player into the position of a manager, construction simulation which basically assumes the role of construction and life simulation that purely deals with life in general.Simulation genre can be used at different points of life to bring up that imitation of the real-life activities. Many movie actors have employed the simulation genre and incorporated its elements to come up with quality movies and games. Having taken that in mind, I would like to highlight and discuss several instances under which genre simulation is used. Let us take a look at the simulation in communication satellite: Here many complex interacting parts and elements are brought together in a modern satellite communication system and put to use in moving vehicles.