Compose a 2000 words assignment on inherent leadership and followership styles in the lion king. Needs to be plagiarism free! In The Lion King, the leadership skills are taught and expressed through a vibrant and rich medium. The characters in The Lion King not only hold a strong power to interact and engage, but rather each of the individual characters is they Mufasa, Simba, Scar, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, and the hyenas Shenzi, Ed and Banzai are affiliated to a typical leadership or followership style. Hence, The Lion King is an interesting story imbued with leadership and vision.The lion king Mufasa who is presented in the movie as the king of the Pride Lands indeed comes out as a moving transformational and visionary leader. Mufasa is not only shown to be a value-driven king but is also shown to be having the capacity to bring about positive changes in all the characters he comes across in his domain, including his infant cub Simba (Bass 21). However, the poise and calm that is shown to be inherent in the character of Mufasa are nowhere shown to be indicative of apathy and laziness. Mufasa comes out in the story as an energetic and passionate king who continues to exert and influence on his subjects and his son Simba, long after he dies (Gilley 62). Mufasa is shown to be actively engaged in all the activities of the Pride Lands and makes it a point to help other characters in the story achieve their best. These traits make Mufasa come out as being a strong and reliable leader in the story. Mufasa unravels in his character a range of abilities and competencies that are necessary to serve as a transformational leader (Ciulla 189). One essential aspect of a positive and pragmatic leader is that one is always aware of the limitations inherent in one’s self and the overall system in which one operates. In that sense, Mufasa is shown to be not only conversant of the jurisdiction of his domain that is the Pride Lands but is also presented as a potent character that does not shy away from acknowledging the incumbent limitations and constraints. Mufasa is shown as a king endowed with a salient vision.&nbsp.