Compose a 1500 words assignment on stereotypes regarding black women. Needs to be plagiarism free! Black women continue to face more challenges than black men. The stereotypes regarding the black women are mostly negative and they give the black woman in any community a difficult time to prove the people wrong. Larsen’s book passing gives a clear indication of how the stereotypes of black women have caused some to denounce their own culture and adapt to the lifestyle of the white people. The two main characters in the book, Claire and Irene face the same negative stereotypes but one chooses to run away from the Black community while the other strongly face all the stereotypes and works hard to conquer and prove people wrong.The main stereotypes that the black women encountered and continue to face are on oppression in different levels of their daily lives. The oppression is because of their race and their standard of living in which is widely known to be poor. The other stereotype is that black women are promiscuous and they appear to make money by gold-digging rich men from the white community. The aspect of gender inequality is evidently seen as black men regardless of the same origin as their black women fail to face any oppression as compared to what the women go through.Larsen’s book Passing establishes various themes that are as a result of the black women stereotypes. Claire is one of the widely discussed characters in the story and the theme of betrayal is surfaced whereby she decides to leave her own culture and live a new life which happens to be a lie. Claire is married to a white gentleman who marries her with no slight idea of her African American origin. The problem of denouncing ones’ race is widely spread all over the globe and the victims of oppression are mainly the people that practice this form of betrayal by living differently and forgetting their culture.