Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on re-evaluation before the development of technology. Man required various tools for use in hunting, gathering fruits and tubers used as food, as well as weaponry for protection against the attack by animals. This led to the use of stone tools, which were shaped appropriately, then, to the wooden and later to the metallic tools, which required further systems of shaping and designing them for appropriate application (Berkman, 1962). With the need to shape the metallic tools, technological need arose, which would melt the metal and then shape them into various tools. Secondly, the need for locomotion started with forging rafters to be used for moving across streams, paving way for the development of masts to harness the wind and use it to propel the boats, and later the development of steam-powered engines. All these were steps in the technological development. b. Near past The controversy in the Near Past phase of technological development is the environmental degradation, the negative effects of the GMO food on human health and the unemployment caused by the replacement of the human workers by machines in industries and various business firms. The near past technological development counts for the period between the 20th and the 21st century, where technological advancement emerged in the form of development of road transport and the automotive industry, office work technologies, manufacturing and other business operational technologies, as well as advancement in air industry (Swaminatha, 2011). Further alternative sources of energy such as nuclear were exploited, while great strides were made in the agricultural sector with the development of the genetically modified organisms (GMOs), as well as various agricultural production technologies. Further advancements were made in the field of medicine and public health with organ transplants technologies evolving, as well as many other life-saving technologies. The communication technology further advanced with the arrival of mobile phones and other communication devices. c. Currently i. Current status of the issue The controversy in the current phase of technological development is the threat posed by the internet and cybercrimes on the welfare of the people, as well as the threat of the nuclear weaponry development, which is posing the threat of a third World War, which may have worst consequences, than any other war that has been experienced in the world. The current phase of technological development is marred with computer technology, internet technology and the nuclear weapon technology, all of which have made the fear of the worst war ever occurring. Through the internet and the computer technology, the threats of terrorism in the world have increased immensely, while the online frauds and financial scams have posed a great threat to the online business operations (Swaminatha, 2011). ii.