Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on digital media and society. After encoding the digital media, the data can then be rendered, manipulated and distributed by computers and an easy transmission to other computer networks. There are various forms of digital media types and these include the Windows Media Video, Windows Media Audio, AVI, JPEG and MP3 (Liestol, 2004). Data transformation to digital data through an analog-to-digital converter refers to as digitizing. In most cases, it can be dynamic, static or sampling in reference to analog signal converted to analog signal. Alternatively, digital media are usually based on analog data transmission into digital data. Globally, it is estimated that at least 94% of people have turned in to digital media. By 2002, there was the assumption that humankind had the ability to store data in the digital media as compared to analog storage systems (Liestol, 2004).In reference to digital media aspects, this case study will generally identify some of the examples of how digital media has been previously used to communicate information in a bid to attain specific organizational goals. In doing this, this case study will analyze the general goals of the organization and how digital media assisted it in achieving the goals. Additionally, the case study will elaborate on some of the strategies that the organization enacted in attaining the goals. Lastly, the case study will establish some of the measurable success factors after using the digital media aspect (Liestol, 2004).One of the biggest organizations to make use of the digital media aspect is the Samsung Company. The Samsung Company is the flagship secondary of the Samsung Group. To date, the company is one of the largest information technology centers in the world. Additionally, the company has assembly plants and networks in almost a hundred different countries across the globe.&nbsp.