You will prepare and submit a term paper on Film Analysis: Dead Ringers. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. The film is centered on the two identical twins from birth to their tragic death. At a young age, the two are fascinated by the human reproductive system that inevitably drives them to become gynecologists. It is during their practice that Clair comes into their lives to alter their relationship due to romantic association with both of them. Eventually, the two twins are found dead in their apartment. Dead Ringers especially exemplifies the theme of sexuality and desire though, in some instances, the desire is wrapped up in suggestions for us to imply. We cannot explicitly state that the two brothers are gay, and the director does not state so either. However, a look at what transpires indicates that the twins are gays and desire to be with each other, perhaps, indicating the split brought between them by the actress who comes to their life and gets in between them to disrupt their twin synergy. The powerful bond that exists between the twins is unexplainable even as they grow into adulthood. Typically, twins, even identical ones, would be less engaged and drift off because of personal choices and marriage. However, for these two, the fact that they desire to remain together leads the viewers to suspect homosexuality between them even though it is not explicit. The name Beverly connotes feminine dispositions while Elliot is associated with masculinity. The fact that Beverly is shy and usually has to go at the women turned over by his brother suggests links to femininity. Inferences of the twins practicing homosexuality can be made from some of the conversations that Claire has with Beverly in some of the questions she asks and the answers rendered. At one point, she asks Beverly ‘do you sleep on the same bed?’ Beverly immediately goes on the defensive by asking her if she is accusing him of being ‘gay or something’. Around the same time, she asks Beverly why he has a name usually reserved for women and why he had not told her that he had a brother who was not just a brother.