Write a 8 pages paper on asian action cinema and hollywood. As much as the numbers surge, there are differences between what one section of the viewers may like than other members of the entire group. Films are therefore made revolving a theme with the target market in mind. This is the only way that films can be successful. otherwise, they would be just unwise ways of spending money. It is also notable that themes come and go, there are eras where people prefer one kind of theme so most films in that era will revolve around it (Shin, 2008).These two sets of film scenes have very distinct backgrounds and themes. However, the time has shown that they can greatly impact one another by providing some form of accolade to one another. This is a trend that can be witnessed in numerous other sectors, where one group adds or shares more perspective so as to realize an aggregate advancement (Berry, 2002). Both sides have benefited from the other, but this paper specifically dwells on the impact that the east has caused on the west rather than assessing both ways.The Asian film scene was initially based on physical activity, on the flanks of martial art, karate, and so forth. Even though there were other genres of films within the same continent, the action films captured the attention of the entire globe with ease. This is mainly attributable since the films showed the world what they had not seen before, some bit of Asia that only Asia was aware of. It was a gold mine that took the globe by storm even where most of the films were of relatively low quality as compared to those made in the west (Najafi, 2011).Hollywood appreciated the emergence of the Asian film scene and found some elements that would propel it to the next stage. The action part had captured most people’s interests, and this would in turn satisfy their market. The only apt move with such conditions to meet was to incorporate the Asian action forms in Hollywood films.&nbsp.