Write a 8 pages paper on anachorisms in film and tv. Placing objects out of their proper temporal domains has been criticized by historians for wrong representations and not accurately portraying history (Neiger, Meyers & Zandberg, 2011). Anachronism could be introduced intentionally in artistic or literally work in order to help audiences to readily engage with historical periods or to shock, be rhetoric, or comedic to the audience. Unintentional anachronism, however, happens when the writer or artist is not sufficiently aware of the differences in fashions, customs, attitudes, and technologies between the historical eras.The different types of anachronism include parachronism, which is representing something in a time period when it could not be found. It is the presentation of things that are already outdated in the future era. Prochronism, on the other hand, is the presentation of things that had not been invented in the time that the artistic work or presentation covers. Behavioral and cultural anachronism is the intentional use of old cultural artifacts like the quill in modern day’s artistic works. Politically motivated anachronism is depicting customs and institutions to be older than they really are. Intentional or unintentional, anachronism will be noticed by the keen eyes in all works of imagination, especially films and TV (Richardson, 2002).In the recent past, most directors and writers in the film industry have used anachronism, intentionally or unintentionally, in their films. For example, films that have been set to represent the past have been using modern music thus clashing time periods. Almost all medieval movies have featured knights with armors covering from head to toe in full plate regardless of what century the movies represent whereas those armors were not developed until late in the period (Ramey & Pugh, 2007).A good example of blatant anachronisms is the movie Goodfellas, where the title clearly states that the movie scenes are set in 1963 at Idlewild Airport in New York. Moments do not pass before a 747 Boeing flies overhead. These planes were not made until 1969.