Write a 7 pages paper on the impact of migration and diaspora in shaping everyday life relations. The third feature deal with the integration of minorities and migrants into the countries of destination (BauböCk & Faist 2010:13).Migration is the movement of people from one place to another for various reasons. In the olden days, people moved in search of water and food (Ho & Loucky 2010:1). In the modern world, people migrate because of conflict, destitution, war, natural disasters and shortages. On the other hand, people move to where the opportunities seem to be better. From this perspective, migration is viewed as a symbol of the pursuit of happiness, new life and liberty (Ho & Loucky 2010:2). In the last fifty years, people have migrated from rural to urban areas from all over the world (Manning 2013:1). People’s lives have changed from rural to urban lifestyles. According to Brauns (2007), multiculturalism refers to different types of groups with different cultures and sources of authority that co-exist together (p.5). Therefore, a multicultural society is one that constitutes many ethnonational cultures. This paper will discuss the impact of migration and diaspora in shaping everyday life relations in multicultural urban locales.The modern immigrants cling to their indigenous culture that develop to modern diasporas unlike the ‘classical immigrant society’ that moved their orientation from their homeland to their destination. It is assumed that a person become a part of her or his cultural group through socialization. The procedure enables values to be communicated and the development of a feeling of belonging and security (Cohen 2008:2). The root of ethnicity is the confrontation of immigrants on the basis of their ethnic group. This results to institutionalization of the immigrant cultures and the only way the valued features of home culture could be preserved is through common activities, clubs, mosques or churches and newspapers (Kennedy & Roudometof 2003:56).