Write a 6 pages paper on impact of the loyalty cards on the business operations. The loyalty programs the main part of the company’s customer engagement. The companies do the loyalty programs by launching loyalty cards or also collaborate with the credit or the debit cards of the customers of different banks. In 2009, Dréze and Nunes said that customers are been influenced by the perception they get because of the importance they obtain from the loyalty cards as a loyal customer and it also provides a lot of pleasure for the customers, thus providing benefit both for the company and also for the customers. This results in repeat purchase and also for retaining the customers for getting a continuous sale from them. Thus the company gets a huge competitive advantage. According to Bolton in 2000, the level of membership does impact in a huge way over the psychological behavior of the consumer and it does impact on a huge way over the buying power of the customers as their spending power does increase by a good amount (Brassington and Pettitt, 2006, pp. 56-64). This is because of the facilities that the customers enjoy by being a loyal customer to a particular company. As per De Wulf in 2001, the specific awards that are been given to the customers based on the amount of purchase done by them to create a lot of impact in the mind of the customers and influences them to shop more. The loyalty programs become successful only when they are able to connect properly with the lifestyle of the consumers. These programs become a successful strategy only when they are able to connect the business operations to the customers in a better way and also increase the sales volume by a considerable good percentage (Pride and Ferrell, 2011, pp. 34-39). Hymowitz in 2004 did say that the loyalty programs to help the companies in increasing the repeat purchase of the customers and also in retaining back the customers in huge numbers.