Write a 6 pages paper on distribution channels of apple company. iPhone 5, the latest mobile gadget invested by Apple Inc am a sample of unique creativity and modernity. The product of the company comprises of all the special features that are highly beneficial to the users, but with its upgraded and unique features, the price of the product in the market is also high. In order to make its product affordable to a wider base of customers, the company had lowered its iPhone 5’s to $ 225 for the 32 GB $ device and125 for the 16 GB (Hasan, 2013). However, the demand for the product seems to be inelastic in the market. Though the selling price has fallen, still then the quantity demanded has not significantly increased.The company is facing high competition in the market and without the implementation of very effective marketing strategies the company would not be able to achieve adequate sales for its product (Gonzalez-Alvarez & Solis-Rodriguez, 2011).The company faces an extensive number of infringement problems and lawsuits in the market with its potential rivals like Samsung and Nokia. Such legal problems are costly and it involves a reserved fund of the company that could be utilized in development purposes in the company.Google Android has turned out to be a potential rival of Apple Inc. It has been claimed that the entire Smart Phone industry is now dominated by Google. The application store of Google in the online industry is growing at a faster rate than that of Apple Store (Royston, 2009).Specific: the company will introduce specific targets to meet up its business goals. Like, according to the above discussion the company would lower its product recalls, reduce business cost, introduce marketing and retail strategies and would also enhance core competencies in business.Measurable: the specific tasks that the company needs to accomplish should be measurable of they are quantitative factors.&nbsp.