Write a 6 pages paper on body reactions to emotion-evoking situations. At around 8 pm, I entered the cinema hall. It was dark inside which was an excellent atmosphere for such a movie as the effect on the audience was sure to be profound. I looked for some space and, lucky enough, I got myself sandwiched between a lady and a man. This was excellent as I could be able to observe the response of a man and a lady simultaneously and compare the results. That Friday evening was the beginning of a number of visits to the cinema hall, where I watched movies like Anaconda, The Wrong Turn, Piranha, soap operas like In the Name of Love, Storm Over Paradise and Triumph Of Love and thrillers like 24 and Spartacus. In all these situations, I observed the responses among different people and their body reactions. I also made some observations on myself on how my body reacted.This research was carried out with reference to the literature that explains the relationship between the body and emotions. how the body reacts to different emotions. Eckhart Tolle argues that emotions arise when the body reacts to the mind. He asserts that emotions are reflections of the mind in one’s body. But how do we observe the body’s reaction to different emotions? Most emotions are expressed through the face hence if one is interested in studying emotions must study the face’s expressions to different emotions (Tolle, 2004). Apart from the face, other body parts that can be used to express emotions include the shoulders and the head. The posture of a person’s head can explain the emotional experience of that particular person.Different emotions are expressed differently by the body. The body’s reaction to shock is different from the body’s reaction to anger. Moreover, different body parts are involved in the reaction of different emotions, although the face is the dominant part of the expression of emotions.Psychologists attribute most physical health problems.