Write 8 pages with APA style on Global Warming: Fact or Myth. In order to evaluate the reasons behind the changing climate of the Earth, the studies regarding global warming and the arguments against it are helpful. Regardless of all the arguments presented, I believe that humans contribute to the climatic changes and extreme weather conditions. The increased CO2 levels and rising temperature do have a link. The link between greenhouse effect and global warming are valid as put down by one set of the researchers. Although the studies and climatic researches are not invalid and the continuous debate over this topic does carry an important place in the Earth’s study. According to my point of view, it is not valid to judge the climatic change just by examining or considering the weather patterns of a small region. Global warming does not talk about a particular region, city or country. It is an overall analysis of the Earth’s temperature. Hence, claims that are based on the study of a single region are invalid and must not be relied upon. The study of NCDC, however, clearly asserts against that claim by ranking the temperature for January 2004 as the 4th warmest on record (NCDC, Climate of 2004, 2004). This further disproves the claim of the other group. I also agree with the statement that carbon emissions are of the major cause of the problem of Global Warming. The factories which are using the fossil fuels during their manufacturing process are giving out a huge amount of carbon and this contributes greatly in making the climate warmer (CBO, 1990). The trees planted in the world are believed to be of paramount significance in preventing the issue of global warming to increase.