Write 7 pages with APA style on Read The Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, Houghton Mifflin Publishing Co., New York, 1962….. *Do a 7 page report on it. *Repo. They are known to accumulate over the long term and at the final stage, they seamlessly contaminate the intestine system. In this way, the digestive and renal systems of humans tend to degrade. The degradation of key systems consequents a massive failure of all human systems and finally cause a painful death. The increasing usage of DDT in agriculture as a means of eliminating pesticides in crops is in turn killing the consumers as well. The agricultural professionals of the so-called modern world are apparently unaware of the fact that anything that can kill a lower level of organic life can do the same with the higher one as well. In case of humans however, the prolonged use of substandard food items can cause implications in the future. According to the author, humans are naturally blessed with the ability to strive for scientific and economic development and growth. But, as it is believed that too much of something is always disastrous and same goes with the instinct to grow. The human natural instinct for accumulating more technology and knowledge has recently caused the scientists to run experiments that manipulated natural components in order to develop new and dangerous ones. The abovementioned instance is an ideal example of human intelligence that is causing serious health problems all over the world. In the current times, the humans are being exposed to the extremely dangerous chemicals (Carson, 1962). The decreasing life span of humans is a sufficient proof that there is something wrong with the environment. The contemporary pesticides and fertilizers are empowered with an increased strength to kill organic components that have the tendency to harm the yield of the crops while, the trace amounts of these agents can have adverse effects on human health in the long term perspective. The slightest amount of DDT that is equivalent to 17.4 parts per million is found to be lethal for animals and therefore, biological scientists are of the view that the agent can cause very serious difficulties for the next generation of the humanity. Moreover, the growing presence of chemical in the air, water and soil is weakening the immune mechanism of the child in the fetus of the mother. In short, it can be established that an ill mother is going to give birth to a suffering child. The vicious cycle of malnutrition sets in motion once the baby is conceived. In the light of aforementioned argument, it can be inferred that the next generation’s ability to fight illnesses and diseases is dropping and therefore, health related outlook of the future world is appearing to be grim to say the least. Nevertheless, the author highlighted human’s ignorance that is compelling him to destroy fresh streams of water. About seventy percent of earth is covered with water. The most of the water reserves are not ideal for irrigation and human use as they are dangerously high in salt content (Carson, 1962). The water is scarce whereas, it is the most prominent element needed for human survival. The modern day industrial activities are notably engaged in polluting the water reserves and because of this trend, more than half of the human population is looking at a severe water shortage in the near future (Carson, 1962). The human ability to create new water reserves is limited while. the current purification techniques are less than effective.