Write 7 pages with APA style on Marketing Strategy for Ryanair. The improvements can come if they decide to embrace emerging technologies, thus enabling them to cater to the increasing demand for air transport. Embracing technology will also help them take care of weaknesses such as poor customer service, non-preferred payment methods and lack of automation (Cadle, J., Paul, D., & Turner, 2010). The business should also get ready to deal with threats such as price competition from its competitors, increase in the cost of operations, new market entrants.Marketing objectives can be defined within various fundamental areas. One of such objectives is increasing the market share of a business. It could also be to increase the trust of the corporate brand. This would also be aimed at increasing the company’s sales volume. A business would also do this when introducing a new product into the market. In coming up with a marketing strategy, a business organization should make sure that the strategy is realistic. This is to make sure that they do not invest in a strategy that will fail. The strategy should also be specific so that implementing it would be easy. The strategy should also be measurable so that the business will be able to predict its outcome. The strategy should be timed so that it does not turn out to be inappropriate for the specific time and period when it is supposed to be implemented.Under this marketing strategy, a business organization is expected to enhance the development of a customer-oriented culture. When designing such a strategy, the business must make sure that they incorporate a mechanism that would enable the collection of the customers’ input. Before the development or alteration of airline services, the company should make sure that they have collected, interpreted and synthesized the information that they have for their customers. A business organization can get customer information through customer surveys, face to face contact, industry trends, and customer complaints.