Write 6 pages with APA style on The Cambridge History of Africa. &nbsp. Based on this the commonalities that were defined in the book about Africa in relation to the rest of the world is documented and a critical review is undertaken.Oliver arranged the book in such a way and manner that it reflected the dominant groupings that existed at that time. This is because, for most parts of Africa, civilizations were built in a unique and distinct way and manner. Just like European nations around the world where nations were based on linguistic and cultural features, Africa built loose nations on the basis of a congregation of people with somewhat similar characteristics and features albeit with different linguistic and national structures and systems. In each of these niches of the continent, different political dynasties and systems sought to create nations and other quasi-state structures which provided some degree of structures within which the people lived and went on with their lives.One section of the book focused on Egypt, Nubia, and the Eastern Desert. This was inhabited by persons of Arabic and southern-European descent and the culture was strongly influenced by the Mediterranean practices and systems. Another section was about Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. This included an emphasis on the Axum dynasty and ancient markets that kept people in that region living a convenient life. The third identifiable segment is the East Coast which spanned across the Indian ocean from the south of Ethiopia to the periphery of Madagascar and the north of present-day Mozambique. This was a sphere of Arabic ruled and controlled nations that conducted trade with the Persian Gulf and North Africa.Concerning the interior and central Africa, Oliver provides discussions about Sudan and Guinea.&nbsp.&nbsp.