Chemistry Simulations : CalorimetryOverviewLearning OutcomesExperimentExperiment Step 5Now that the experiment iscomplete, you can opt toshow/hide the graph and/or26.490microscopic views forsubsequent runs.Click the Replay button toTemperaturerun the experiment again.300mlNaOHWHOClick the Reset button to200mlstart a new experiment.Time100mLIQUIDSSOLIDSSOLUTIONSLIQUIDSSOLIDSSOLUTIONSAnionCationH20Sodium hydroxide – NaOHWater – H20RUN EXPERIMENTMass (9) 2.50Mass (g)100X Show graph viewTemp (“C) 20.0Temp (‘C)20.0XShow microscopic viewShow AH solution (kJ/mol) -44.51Show specific heat (J/g.C) 4 184ReplayReset