Provide a 58 pages analysis while answering the following question: Analyzing Security Issues in Online Games. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. These works try to analyze the different kinds of threats to cybersecurity, the people who pose a threat and how to identify them and the most important topic which will be discussed in this thesis is how to solve the security issues that exist in online games. The different legal and technical methods to fight cybercriminals have been discussed in the article. Methods such as providing education to the consumer and the benefits of it have been highlighted. Hacking issues and loss of accounts by online game players to hackers have been a major issue and this has been discussed in the thesis. Different methods of authentication which might be used in order to increase the effectiveness and prevent false log on have also been outlined here and a discussion of the benefits of provision of automatic patches of improving the security as and when required. Furthermore, an attempt to discuss scenarios in three specific games and the issues in security involved in these games. Synopsis and examples of compromising situations within the games and their solutions provided by others have also been made. Some important methods used by companies such as blizzard to monitor the player and the ethical issues associated with such monitoring are also discussed in the thesis. The thesis ends by discussing the areas of improvement and what can still be done to improve the security of online games. In conclusion, this work has covered an in-depth analysis of online gaming and related security issues. The work has also dwelt on reasons which make cybercriminals to target online games and the significance of security in these online games. Recommendations on new ways to solve the respective specific issues insecurity of the games have also been outlined. Finally, the work concludes with a discussion topic with views on what can be implemented in the long run to make Massive Multiplayer Online games more secure.